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How to Get Rid Of a Headache Without Medicine?

How to get rid of a headache without medicine? With the stressful lifestyle of today, headache has become a common issue.

How to Get Rid Of a Headache Without Medicine
How to Get Rid Of a Headache Without Medicine

Inadequate sleep, high anxiety, over-exhaustion, and erratic work schedules are the prime reasons for frequent headaches.

While many medicines are available in the market to treat the headache, it is recommended to adopt the measures which do not involve any medication and treat the issue naturally

Migraine is the form of moderate to severe type of headache.

No doubt, besides creating a discomfort, severe headaches become unbearable at time and constraint us to refrain some medication.

However, nothing is better than treating the headache with some precautions and home remedies which do not generate any side-effect like medicines.

So, let us explore the various headache relief tricks which help in getting rid of a headache without medicine:

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How to Get Rid Of a Headache Fast?

The headaches which are partially alleviated can be treated quickly without medication.

Reduce the risk of rebound headache with some of the simple tactics as follows:

  • Take some rest by closing your eyes

Especially for migraine, this is an effective relief remedy. It is recommended to choose a dark room and sit or lay down calmly with closed eyes. Taking a small nap or sleeping frequently proves to be effective for patients with migraine.

  • Warm your neck

Use a heating pad or maybe a warm towel and place it around your neck. It helps in easing the headache instantly. If the warm pad is not working, you can try with an ice pack as well. The idea is to ease the muscles around the skull to relieve the headache.

  • Minimize stress

As stress is one of the leading contributors to the headaches, it is recommended to avoid noisy environment and walk away from the stress.

  • Yoga

Yoga plays a vital role in improving the overall quality of your life. The research says that those who practice yoga consistently are less prone to stress as well as the frequency of headaches.

How to Make a Headache Go Away Fast Without Medicine?

Frequent headache may severely impact your lifestyle. But inculcating few changes in your erratic lifestyle can make a huge difference by restricting your headache frequency.

Here are some of the remedies which can help you to get rid of a headache fast without medication:

  • Increase the magnesium intake

From nerve transmission to controlling the blood sugar, magnesium plays a vital role in our body as a nutrient. The deficiency of magnesium is considered one of the factors responsible for headaches. The severity of migraine and headache can be controlled by increasing your magnesium intake to 600 mg.

  • Avoid Alcohol

Excessive intake of alcohol also leads to severe headaches. The research says that the chances of migraine to be triggered by alcohol are 66% more in people with frequent headaches. By widening the blood vessels, alcohol allows the blood to move more freely which may cause headache in a few people.

Alcohol is diuretic in nature and leads to the loss of fluids in the body with frequent urination which further leads to dehydration and contributes to headaches.

  • Avoid Histamine related foods

Beer, wine, cheese, cured meats, and smoked fish are some of the foods which are high on Histamine, a chemical playing a vital role in the nervous system, digestive system and immune system.

Those are sensitive to this chemical may prone to migraine with its higher consumption.

Hence, if you are jostling with frequent headaches, it is recommended to avoid food rich in Histamine.

Headache Treatment at Home: Home Remedies For Headache

There are several home remedies available which can help you to get rid of a headache without relying on any medication. Some of such remedies are as follows:

  • Drink plenty of water:

One of the common causes of migraines and headache is chronic dehydration. The researches show that drinking plenty of water relieves the headache within 30 minutes to 3 hours. You can include water-rich foods and drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid the headache issues.

  • Sleep well

The lack of good sleep is detrimental to your health in many ways. A survey reveals that those who generally sleep less than 6 hours a day are prone to headaches as compared to the people who sleep for longer hours. It is equally interesting to know that sleeping too much also triggers the headache.

  • Use essential oils

The therapeutic benefits of essential oils like lavender and peppermint cannot be undermined in treating the headaches. The tension headache can be relieved by applying the peppermint oil around the temples. Lavender oil is considered highly beneficial for migraine and related symptoms.

  • Try caffeinated coffee or tea

Caffeine is known to be a mood enhancer and has a positive effect on headache-related symptoms. Sipping on a caffeinated coffee or tea is considered to be beneficial in relieving the headache.

Hence a balanced sleep within the slot of seven to nine hours is considered ideal

Headache Relief Pressure Point

How to get rid of a headache without medicine? Acupuncture is the old Chinese technique where specific body points are stimulated using thin needles to treat the symptoms.

Especially for migraine headache, acupuncture is considered as an effective remedy.

Use the thumb and index finger of your right hand to press the point between the thumb and index finger of your left hand.

Massage it gently for 5 minutes in a circular motion.


How to get rid of a headache without medicine? Now, as we know there are several natural remedies to treat the headache well, reaching over-the-counter for pain-killers is not a great idea anymore.

Try out the range of home and natural remedies as suggested to relieve you from headache.

Yoga, balanced diet, essential oil, caffeinated drinks, exercise, and supplements are a safe and effective remedy to get rid of a headache fast without any medication.

So, why to put your schedules on hold and jostle with headaches when there are many natural ways available to treat it effectively?

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