Plant Paradox Meal Plan For Weight Loss

Plant Paradox Meal Plan
Plant Paradox Meal Plan

Plant Paradox Meal Plan: Losing weight is one of the toughest struggles for the ones who are striving for it a day and night.

With a large number of diet plans available, Plant Paradox Meal Plan is one of the renowned diets which is getting popular for its effective anti-inflammatory results and added weight-loss advantages.

There are already many claimers on the internet who are claiming it to be effective with the inflammation and aid your weight-loss.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the Plant Paradox diet and its various benefits.

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What Is the Plant Paradox diet?

Plant Paradox Meal Plan
Plant Paradox Meal Plan

A diet devised by Dr. Grundy, which excludes the long plant paradox food list containing lectins to bring down the inflammation, prevention of weight gain, and repairing gut health.

Lectins are considered to be anti-nutrients, which pass through the digestive system of the human body and reduces the ability of the body to absorb other vital minerals and vitamins from the food.

Lectins are the type of protein found in plants that are used as an anti-defensive mechanism by the plants to paralyze predatory insects.

There are many fruits, vegetables, and grains that form an indispensable part of a healthy diet plan but are excluded from the Plant paradox meal plan.

Who devised the Plant Paradox Meal plan?

The inception of the idea of cutting down lectins was developed by Dr. Gundry, who was a former heart surgeon.

He lost around 70 pounds by following this meal plan.

He also got relieved from metabolic syndrome, arthritis, migraines, and high blood pressure by following this diet despite cutting back on exercise.

It was claimed that the menu also indicates significant improvement when accompanied by the people suffering from autoimmune diseases.

Is Plant Paradox Meal healthy?

Kidney beans are known to have high levels of lectins to the extent that it can cause vomiting when eating up raw.

If you have celiac disease, the intake of a lectin-rich diet can damage your small intestine.

Also, a high-lectin diet leads the nutritional deficiencies, severe intestine damage and disrupt digestion.

When account for the cooked foods, the presence of lectin is not that harmful as compared to the raw food.

Foods like kefir and whole grains are known to promote a healthy digestive system.

White bread and white rice should be substituted with whole grains.

Chia seeds should be included in the diet for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Is Plant Paradox Meal Plan helpful with Weight loss?

The diet is known to be useful for its anti-inflammatory properties but also found to be beneficial for weight loss.

The catch is, not by removing the lectins induced the weight loss.

Instead, people start switching over to a healthy diet plan and eliminate junk food like pizza and other baked goods, which helps in losing weight.

Plant Paradox Food List – To be excluded from your diet

  • Vegetables with beans or seeds such as sugar snap peas or green beans
  • Pumpkin seeds, Peanuts, sunflower, cashew, chia
  • Most of the products made from cow milk including cheese, ice-cream, and yogurt
  • Soy foods like tofu and edamame
  • Lentils, beans, and peas
  • All forms of grains – wheat, rice, corn, oats, quinoa (whole as well as refined)
  • Fruits which are referred to as vegetables like tomato, eggplant, cucumber, squash, melons, and pepper

Plant Paradox Shopping list – Food to be included in the diet

  • Milk and cheese from sheep and goat, other cheese and milk without the A1 protein
  • Leafy green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, and vegetables without seeds
  • Tree nuts, seeds, and most oils
  • Starchy vegetables particularly with the resistant starch
  • Pasture-raised poultry, wild-caught fish and grass-fed meat

3-day Plant Paradox Cleanse Guide

As we are already aware of what to include and what not to, here is a simple 3-day Paradox cleanse guide which is easy to go with:

Number of meals: 3 breakfast, 3 lunch and 3 dinners spread across 3 days


Allowed when you are feeling hungry. It includes blanched almonds, approved nuts, avocado with romaine lettuce)


Use grass-fed ghee or avocado oil, mainly for cooking purposes. Coconut oil should be skipped. Dr. Gundry even never included the olive oil in their meal plans.


With the cap of 8oz each day, you are allowed to take 4oz of each serving. You can include wild-caught salmon and pasture-raised chicken among six meals (three meals each).

A good quality canned fish can substitute this if you are not able to arrange the prescribed meals.

Sardines, pink salmon and sustainably caught tuna are some of the budgeted considerations. The canned products should be packed in BPA free containers.

Vegetarian Plan:

Portobello mushrooms are considered best to replace the animal protein-rich non-vegetarian diet. Try out the prescribed veggies by sprinkling some hemp seeds over.


A green smoothie is the best way to give a healthy start to your day. For cleansing purposes, coconut oil is recommended to be skipped. If you are on a non-vegetarian plan and consuming salmon and chicken, avoid hemp seeds to avoid proteins.


Pre-cooked protein with the side of prescribed veggies is the best way to make your lunch healthy and strictly under the preview of the Plant paradox meal plan.

Try out the vegetables which you can enjoy cold unless you have a microwave at the office to serve you the hot meals.


As dinner is the best time to spare on yourself for cooking a bit, try out the vegetables which sound delectable after cooking and enjoy a freshly prepared hot veggie meal.


Always use the high-quality iodized salt

Strongly Recommended:

Avocado and romaine lettuce are the two essential foods that should not be missed to achieve the useful results of a 3-day paradox cleanse.

Include a cruciferous vegetable in your meal. Arugula, along with other types of green lettuce, is best to be added in the smoothie.

Seasoning and spices:

Pepper, Iodized salt and dry herbs are the best seasoning options. Avoid the mix spices as we are not sure of their ingredients.


Although sweeteners are allowed during the 3-day cleanse program, it is recommended to avoid the sweets.


Minimum 2 liters of water consumption is recommended. Avoid creamers and sweeteners; opt for black tea or coffee.

So, if you are also jostling with the inflammation issues, this Plant Paradox Meal plan is the sure-shot recipe to treat your health-issues effectively.

Know more about a healthy diet.

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