Protein Shake For Weight Gain: The Best Advice [2021]

Protein Shake For Weight Gain

Ten facts you should know about protein shake for weight gain! If you are aspiring for a quick weight gain, a protein shake could be a beneficial thing for you.

Especially for people with high metabolism rates, protein shakes for weight gain help in building lean muscles instead of accumulating fat in the body, it strengthens your body with muscle mass.

You experience a better level of endurance. But Protein shakes cannot be consumed vaguely and needs a specific regime to generate health benefits.

Depending on your metabolism, kind of body, and other physical aspects, the right protein shake should be selected to attribute the weight gain process in the right way.

So, here are the ten facts that you need to know about protein shakes:

Protein is an Excellent Way to Weight Loss

The best part about protein is that it makes you feel full for a longer time and helps in escaping the food binging.

As it is a difficult nutrient to digest, your digestive system needs to work harder and longer to break down protein. It leads to escalated metabolism, resulting in weight loss.

Protein suppresses Ghrelin, a hunger hormone that leads to a reduction in appetite and contributes to weight loss.

Working of Protein Shake

Protein Shake For Weight Gain

The primary function of protein is to rebuild and repair the body tissues. It helps in muscle contraction, muscle growth, and contributes to muscle healing as well.

Especially during exercises and strenuous work, there is muscle tear that needs adequate protein building blocks called amino acids.

Within 30 minutes of intake, amino acid reaches the muscles to start the process of rebuilding and repairing.

As protein shakes are abundant in protein, it nourishes the tore and damaged tissues with sufficient amino acids to heal up quickly.

Different Shakes For Different Body Types

As we already discussed, the choice of the shake largely depends on your body requirement. Depending on your fitness goal, dietary preferences, health, and tolerances, you can choose an ideal one:

Plant-based protein: As efficient as animal-based protein, plant-based protein, such as pea protein, induces muscle growth and makes you feel full for a longer time. If you are suffering from lactose intolerance or you are a vegan, this is an ideal solution for you.

Casein: it is a slow-digesting dairy protein that aids weight loss only if your calorie intake is limited. It promotes mass muscle growth by reducing the breakdown of muscle protein. It is considered best to consume before going to bed due to its slowing absorption properties.

Whey Protein: Abundant in amino acid, whey protein helps in building the muscle mass rapidly. It is quick to digest, promotes fat loss, increases the strength of your body, and reduces appetite.

The ideal Portion of Protein Shake – How Much Should I Consume?

Protein Shake For Weight Gain

Depending on the height, weight, medical history, level of physical activity, and other considerable factors, the intake of protein varies from individual to individual. The protein intake also varies with the purpose of consumption. Say, for weight loss, you need to consume 1.4g to 1.6g of proteins per kg of body weight to lose weight. If you are aiming at muscle mass development, you should take 1.8g to 2.0g of protein per kg of body weight.

The intake should be evenly distributed during the day. In one sitting, our body can absorb only 30g of protein. Hence, to meet the prescribed requirements, you should take 4-5 servings of protein every day. Include protein shake twice a day with three meal intake, which includes protein.

The ideal time to drink the protein shakes

Once we are done with our workouts, we require protein for 48 hours after that. Here are some effective time, when protein shake works best to deliver the desired results:

  • Post-workout
  • Snack Time
  • Pre-workout

It is equally important to create a calorie deficit to get visible weight loss results.

Protein Shake – Weight Loss or Weight Gain?

Protein Shake For Weight Gain

Protein shakes are useful in building muscle mass and do not add up fat in your body. But it is equally important to keep a check on your calorie intake and avoid energy surplus. There are many protein shakes ranging from high-calorie to low-calorie protein shakes. Keep a check on the total calorie intake, including the calories you are consuming in your protein shake. A protein shake never makes you fat. Indeed, it contributes to your weight-loss journey.

Which is Better – Protein Shake or Natural Sources Of Protein?

Protein shakes can be a good supplement, but they can never be the replacement for your protein food. Your body absorbs a better range of nutrients from the varieties of protein sources such as plant-based protein, meat, fish, and poultry. Chicken breast, Lentils, Salmon fillet, and mixed nuts are some of the foods with high protein levels. Protein shakes can be used as handy preparations when you don’t have enough time to prepare food. Protein shakes are easy to prepare, quickly digested, and reach the muscles.

Low-calorie protein shakes aid the weight loss and helps to create a calorie deficit by making you full for a longer time.

Consumption Of Protein Shakes During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman requires more essential nutrients for the development of the embryo, but it does imply double the calorie intake. On average, the protein requirements go up by 75 to 100 gm of protein per day leading. As protein is an essential nutrient during pregnancy, which helps in the growth of the fetal’s brain and body, a protein shake is beneficial to meet the nutritional requirements. It is essential to consider the hidden nutrients present in a protein shake. Hence you need to be careful while choosing an organic and safe protein shake during your pregnancy.

As pregnancy is a sensitive matter, it is highly recommended to consult your gynecologist before starting a protein shake. Whey Protein is a safer option to consider.

Does Protein Shake Aids in a Muscular Physique?

There is a general misconception that protein shakes are meant for people who are aiming at bodybuilding or muscular physique. As women have a different testosterone level when compared to men, it is believed that protein shakes are not meat for them. But, the fact is, by increasing your protein intake, lifting weights helps you to get a toned and lean body.

Protein Shakes as a Meal Replacement

For weight loss, most people look for meal replacements, but most of these meal replacements are not much filling. Whey protein is an exceptional meal replacement, which makes you feel full for a longer time as compared to the fat or carbohydrates intake.


Protein shakes are a great way to aid your weight loss journey by creating a calorie deficit. However, a balanced diet is equally vital as protein shakes cannot replace the natural sources of proteins completely.

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