Steak n Shake Nutrition: Facts & Information 2021 [Updated]

Steak n Shake Nutrition

Steak n Shake Nutrition: Steak n Shake is a renowned chain of restaurants that is known for its lip-smacking varieties of food. The company got its name from the numerous varieties of steaks on its menu. The delicious shakes are impeccable, making this chain of restaurants incredibly popular in the Midwestern United States.

As all of us want to remain fit, it is essential to keep a check on calorie intake. It is not feasible to remain on a strict diet all the time, but few healthy choices can satiate your taste buds without adding too many calories to your plate.

As the restaurant is famous for its steakburger, it is worth giving this tasty burger a try. So, if you are dropping in any day to the restaurant or planning to pick it up from its service window, here is the steak n shake nutrition information.

What is the healthiest thing to eat at steak n shake?

Eating out does not always mean adding lots of processed food, sodium, and other non-organic foods to your diet. It’s all about choosing the right food, which can turn your mundane moments exciting and joyful without hampering your health. Here are some of the healthy options available at Steak n Shake:

1 – Single Steakburger

Steak n Shake Nutrition

As Steak n Shake is famous for its delicious burgers, it is a sin to give it a skip. But by skipping an additional steak patty, you can surely reduce some calories on your plate. With 280 calories, this steak burger is a safe choice. Adding cheese to it can add 50 more calories to it. To make it a filling choice, you can choose a healthy side.

2 – Taco Salad with Grilled Chicken or Beef

A lip-smacking option with just 600 calories. A big bowl decorated with taco strips, greens, shredded cheese, and tomatoes to make you full while relishing this tasty delight. This healthy option offers nutrients with its green and tantalizes your taste buds with its iconic flavors. Ask a side of salsa or Guacamole to tantalize its taste.

3 – Guacamole Steak Burger

Steak n Shake Nutrition
Steak n Shake Nutrition

Another single patty burger that helps you to keep additional calories at bay. The healthy fats present in Guacamole give you all the reasons to pick this juicy burger. Loaded with 380 calories, this burger justifies its calories with its excellent taste.

What are the healthy ‘side’ options at Steak n shake?

Against classic fries, chili-all, or onion rings, here are some of the healthy ‘sides’ which can help you to keep a check on your calories:

  • Side salad
  • Applesauce
  • Cottage cheese with a pineapple slice
  • Vegetable Soup

How many calories does a steak n shake burger have?

  • How much is a small shake at steak n shake?
  • What should I avoid at Steak n shake?

If you are on a strict diet, there are certain meals which you should avoid at Steak n shake to control your calorie intake as follows:

Milk Shakes: Made from ice creams, these sugary delights account for 950 calories (Chocolate Brownie Shake), which is too high to justify.

Any melt: Grilled Cheese Steakburger, Frisco, and American melt are some of the tempting options which come with whooping calories.

Cili: Loaded with high-fat contents, it is another high-calorie guilty pleasure which one should avoid.

Big burger: As the name suggests, bug burger means increased patty and other toppings. Choose a burger that is loaded up with veggies to main the fiber levels.

Some interesting facts about Steak n Shake:

When it was opened, it used to serve fried chicken and beer. But in 1934, there was a ban on the sale of alcohol. Thus it entered the business of selling burgers.

Back in 1934, burgers were considered low-quality food, and there were no strict health codes. The owner set up an open kitchen to showcase the healthy preparation of steakburgers. The trend of the open kitchen followed to date.

A full barrel of round steaks t-bones, and sirloins are ground to show the patrons. The company researched the preferences of their customers by searching in the trashes and checking up what is left out on the customer’s plate.

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